About DNS Nordic

DNS NORDIC INC is a Norwegian-owned company started in Norway and now exploring the global market.  We have existing clients in Dubai, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. We have our offices in Denmark, Sweden and now we have opened our new business office in the Philippines and continue expanding worldwide.

We play a meaningful role in the long-term growth of our client business by delivering dramatic cost savings and efficiency improvements. We utilize advanced technology and state-of-the-art computer integrated infrastructure to support the multi-dimensional requirements of our clients. Since a customer expects access at every possible touchpoint, we extend our support through different channels like email, live chat, social media, and voice.

We design solutions that can be easily integrated with the value chain of our clients. Our ability to offer round-the-clock services to our clients as per their requirements in the time zone they specify makes us the preferred choice of all those who look for a blend of perfection and flexibility in the services they seek.

Growing from 1 location to several countries with multilingual experts

Starting in Norway in the middle of Scandinavia. We quickly moved into the other Scandinavian countries together with UK with great success. From there we decided to open our second office located in the Philippines, so that we can spread our expertise to a more international scene.

Our Team

The company fulfills the distinguished requirements of its clients by leveraging on its world-class infrastructure and skilled workforce. Our competencies come to the forefront in the form of:

Experienced management team.

Domain knowledge in different fields.

Adherence to turnaround times Global standards in terms of quality assurance and control.

We do not just meet the objectives of your business, but let you match steps with the demands of the dynamic business world that change every second. You can continue doing what works in the interest of your organization while we nurture the relationship you share with your customers.



    Keep your sales people busy with what they are good at, selling. and let us keep them busy with a calendar full of potential!


    Got a great product, and need the extra pair of hands to get it sold?


    Are you busy? and need an extra hand to take care of all the practical stuff?


    Get a hold of the right people, when its the right time. We are experts in finding the leads with value.


    Complete customized IT solutions for businesses that are in a constant growth.


    Experienced, and personal customer service that is getting things done, is the a safe way to customer satisfactory.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Need reachable people around the clock to take care of customers that are in need of support?


    Let us be the professional voice of your message. To the right people on the right time, and in the right language!


    In need for experienced people to plan and execute your project in the best way imaginable?

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